This Pug Compilation Has Me in Tears it’s so Funny, Especially at 8:28! Ha ha!

funny pug

We all know you love compilation videos, and this one is filled with the perfect dose of your daily pugs! Yes! Get ready to squeal with delight over lots of silly pugs that'll make you smile and remind you why these doggies are the best around!

Take your pick of the funniest pugs as you watch this entertaining compilation. It's hard to choose because they're ALL so hilarious especially one pug in particular at 6:15! LOL!

You won't be able to keep a straight face after watching these silly pups run around while entertaining everyone around them! These pugs in particular were caught performing their antics at the best moments!

You also need to see the adorable Pugs at 7:18! They're so mischievous! LOL! Trust me, out of all the Pug compilation videos out there, this one has got to be the funniest! Don't miss out!

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