Nala the Pug Puppy Will Steal Your Heart With Her Big Puppy Dog Eyes – Sooo Precious!

Nola the pug puppy

AWW! Pug puppies can steal anyone's heart! They're so cute with their adorable faces and big eyes. Plus, there are a ton of other features I could go on and on about too!

If I had a pug, I'd surely be showing her off a lot like this Vlogger did! Before he gets down to his usual Vlogging business, he takes the time to introduce us to his new pug puppy, Nala!

He's so in love with her and gets right down to showing his viewers how special she is! It's the sweetest thing as he explains how she's doing and how she's fitting in with her new family!

And we have to admit that just like her dad, little Nala is great on camera! You can tell that Nala the pug will most definitely be in his future videos! LOL! Watch and see her for yourself.

Meet Nala the pug puppy and she will steal your heart! It's all on the next page!

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