(VIDEO) Adorable Frenchie Battles Against Falling Asleep – Is He Gonna Win?!

Frenchie fighting the urge to sleep

Okay, Frenchie, it’s time to surrender to the sleep!

If the above was never a quote from a movie it should be!

Check out this simply splendid French Bulldog, dressed in a grey nighty-like sweat-shirt. He is trying his hardest to stay awake. Maybe he wants to stay up for his favorite TV program or is expecting a call from a puppy pal? But it is pretty obvious the young pup is on the verge of passing out!

And that may not be such a bad thing. If he has puppy school the following day he really can’t get going without a good night sleep! Makes sense, right?

After the break, watch as this little French cutie does a slow fade that is both sweet and really comical!

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