(VIDEO) This Vlogger and Pug Seriously Know How to Cuddle – Their Relationship is Beyond Precious!

pug cuddles

The experienced vlogger over on page two has so much to update us on about her life and the life of Nala her pug, that we had to share.

Poor Nala recently went in for a surgery and was taken ill soon after. This makes for a rather clingy but precious pug. We can’t blame her for that!

Watch how she clings to “Mommy” during a moment of peace!

However, also note how, when note reaching out for hugs, sweet Nala is quite the explorer! She not only sniffs out yummies and her toys on the floor but also pine needles from last Christmas! Considering how often our vlogger tells us she’s vacuumed that is quite an accomplishment!

We strongly suggest to go on over and take a look at that cutie, Nala, and check out the sweet and gentle hug she and her British mom share. It’s enough to make you melt!

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