(VIDEO) This Doggie is Best Friends With a Disabled Kitten. When You See Just How Much He Cares for Her? Tear-Jerking!

Dog and Kitten

Ralphee is a sweet kitten with a condition, a neurological disorder, known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia. It is a condition where the part of her brain that controls motor skills is underdeveloped. In Ralphee’s case, her head moves from side to side and her walk is a little off.

You would think this would slow her down but thanks to Max, a friendly cattle dog, she is not lonely! He has stuck by Ralphee’s side ever since she was rescued from a barn near a horse stable and genuinely appears to adore his new wobbly friend.

Other than her neurological condition the kitten is very healthy and is expected to live as long as any normal cat, which is fine with Max because he wants his pal around for a good long time!

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