(Video) 3 Pugs Charm in to Bark and the Chorus They Create is Fantastic!

pug trio barking

Our dogs are the cutest, most loving and loyal creatures we could ever ask for. We want to pile on the kisses… until they start barking. Whether it's a squirrel, a human or another dog, their barking can make you frantically search for a mute button.

However, most of us wouldn't want to completely take away our dog's ability to bark. After all, it gives us peace of mind to know that our furbabies will let us know loudly and clearly when an intruder is near or in our homes.

Well, these 3 pugs found another reason to let the barking continue: harmonization. Typically, 1 dog howling away is obnoxious, 2 is unnerving and 3 is cause for a headache. These pugs make it work in a hilarious and talented way, though! We bet you never thought you could be laughing while listening to dogs bark!

After the break, watch how 3 pugs are able to make barking seem like music to our delicate human ears! You'll think they've been rehearsing together for years!

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