(VIDEO) 7-Week-Old Puppy is Sleeping Soundly. Now Watch the Pup’s Cheek. So Precious!

sleeping dog

Sometimes watching our dogs, while they sleep, is unavoidable. They are so cute and look at peace. Occasionally we will see them squirm in their sleep, yip, or even move their paws as if they are running! It’s cute and natural, and something they never quite grow out of.

Once in a while, you will also observe them do other things in their sleep, activities that are entirely unknown to the pooch himself, and these tiny quirks can often be the sweetest things we ever observe.

After all, the pooch is completely unaware of just how charming he is at this moment so the innocence of a sleep induced twitch can do nothing but make us smile or laugh!

After the break take a look at this unaware pooch, caught sleeping, and the adorable thing he does with his cheeks!

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