(Video) A Great Dane is Not Happy When Mom Brings Home a Puppy. Now Watch How He Responds. This is the Epitome of Doggy Jealousy!

dog jealousy

Often, no amount of reassurance is going to comfort an older member of a dog loving family, assuring him that the new younger member isn’t horning in on his territory!

Yes, they were once “king of the hill” and now this innocent, smaller, and – yeah – cuter sibling has taken all the thunder from the original’s tremendous presence.

This jealous attitude is especially visible when we are talking about a very large Great Dane! He may be young but one would not know it by his size!

After the break, go over to the next page and watch as Mommy tries to assure her big baby that the youngster is as much in need of affection as himself. Obviously, the Great Dane is not buying it and their encounter is hilarious!

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