Should I Have a Fur Baby Memorial Service for My Dog?

Older Dog

If you have had a dog for a long time, bonded with him and consider him to be your fur-baby, you understand the pain of knowing that someday your pooch is going to move on. It happens to all living things.

But, for the most part, our pets will pass before us and we have to wonder because they are/were so important to us — should we have a memorial service once they depart?

If it something you are seriously considering, if your pooch has touched you in such a way you feel it will bring closure – why not?

While doggie memorial service may not be for everyone if it is something you need and you feel your dog deserves, where is the harm?

Over on the next page, we will give you some hints and ideas on how you can go about arranging for a pet service and the things you might want to consider while implementing it.

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