(VIDEO) Angry Pug Does Not Want His Dad to Leave. Now Keep Your Eyes on the Dad’s Shoes. HILARIOUS!

pug going after dad's shoes

UH-OH! You definitely wouldn't want an angry Pug in your household! LOL! Niko the Pug is very angry with his owner. Why is that? Well, it looks like Niko's dad is about to leave the house without taking Niko with him! That is not ok with this Pug!

What he does next will crack you up! I have never seen a tantrum quite like this before. Just remember to keep your eyes on dad's shoes.

Niko has one clever trick up his sleeve. He'll do anything to keep his dad at home with him! LOL! Trust me; you'll be totally impressed with this angry Pug! It's unbelievable!

Watch what this angry Pug does to his dad's shoes on the next page and be prepared to laugh!

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