(Video) Baby Carrot Completely Dumbfounds a Puppy and it’s Hilarious!


When we have new puppies the littlest things can confuse them, what happens when a puppy sees a baby carrot is so funny!

One of the reasons that puppies are so adorable is because they are discovering things for the first time.

They are trying to decide what everything is and whether or not to be scared of it. The result is some of the cutest and most hilarious moments we'll ever see.

The way this golden retriever puppy reacts to seeing a baby carrot is just too funny. We almost felt bad for laughing at the poor thing but we just couldn't help it.

The way he struggles to figure out what it is will melt your heart. You will definitely get a good laugh and it will make you remember all those moments you had with your own puppy!

To see how confused this puppy is by a baby carrot, check out the next page and check out the video.

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