Video Compilation of Pugs Proves They are Fun and Cute (Just Watch the Puppy at 0:54)!

pug compilation video

Pugs are awesome, aren't they?! Not only do they entertain us with their hilarious antics, but they know how to make us smile when the day is long and laugh when we need to unwind. Each pug has an individual personality too, which makes it even more fun to get to know your pooch and anticipate what he may or may not be up to next.

If you love pugs (who doesn't?!), then you'll love the video compilation of pugs on the next page. Baby pugs will run around like crazy, older pugs will snore away while looking precious, and, of course, there are the pug owners that have a lot to offer to this video compilation too.

Be sure to keep watching the video until 0:54. There's an adorable puppy that has a ton of energy that'll steal your heart! Let's look at the video next after the break!

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