(Video) Couple Who Believes They Adopted a Terrier Puppy Gets a Lot More Than They Bargained For


The wonders of adopting a shelter pup are that you don't always know what you get. It's almost like getting a magical surprise every time! LOL!

What can possibly go wrong with that, right? Any puppy breed that you get will still love you unconditionally.

This couple decided to adopt a doggy one day. Unfortunately, they realized that this pup wasn't exactly a terrier at all. In fact, he grew to be bigger than they were!

You won't believe the hilarious outcome of this puppy saga. The way his parents reacted to finding out that their beloved puppy was not a terrier at all will make you laugh!

Check out the video on the next page to find out how this couple found out that their pooch wasn't a terrier after all!

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