(VIDEO) Mom is Attempting to Barter With Her Angry Pug. Now Find Out if She Pipes Down…

Puggy Possessiveness and Treat

There are times when we spoil our doggies to the point where they believe everything they find belongs to them. Because why not — it's their house, so why wouldn't it belong to them?!

The adorable female Pug on the video on the next page is no exception. She found something, possibly a kitchen item that likely feel off of the counter. The moment it hit the floor this little puggy decided it was hers and only hers.

You know how it goes — finders keeps, losers weepers. 😉

The one thing she didn't expect to happen is that her Mom would need it back! What?! How is that possible? That's SO not fair!

On the video this Pug races over to her doggy house, all the while dragging the item with her and she does NOT give it up. Meanwhile, she even does some grunts, growls, and even a bark or two. So… how does a dog mom bargain with a  possessive puggy like this?!

Are you ready to see who wins this battle after the break? Just wait until you see THIS video! Miss puggy is a sassy one! 

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