(Video) Dog Takes On His Mortal Enemy… a Door?!



Lately, we’ve noticed our dog seems to have certain likes and dislikes during his walk. Since moving into an apartment we try to get him out at least three times a day. There are certain children and pups out there that he gives a general look of interests but there is one dog, white and slightly larger than himself, that we have learned is his mortal enemy!

We are not certain why Max and this other pooch dislike each other but there is definitely a bad vibe with barking and growling.

It just goes to show that even the nicest of pooches can have enemies.

The same goes for a certain fine-looking English Bulldog. It appears he might be falling back on the job so he, in his mind, feels he must show his mom and Dad that he is indeed valuable to the family.

This extends to arguing with inanimate objects and – oh! – if a door moves even a couple inches on its own he is on it, making sure it knows not to move again.

Watch the hilarious video over on page two and you will see exactly what we mean!

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