(Video) Dad Engages in a Substantial Convo With His Pug. How the Doggie Shows Dad He’s Listening? What a Cutie!

Curious Pug

What is more refreshing than seeing someone you love actually sit and look directly at you, interested in what you say and hanging on every word?

If we are lucky we get that with our human friends and loved ones but often our dogs look at you a bit — then stare past you as if they do not understand a word you are saying!

The nerve!

Okay, let’s face it. That just might be true. After all, while dogs are genuinely intuitive and bright, they often only understand a few words from us. Twenty some-odd words they tell us. Can we really blame them for their confusion and lack of interest?

Over on the next page, we have an antidote for the puppy who simply does not care. This is a Pug that sincerely seems to understands and when you see him react it’s only natural – and comical!

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