(VIDEO) Dog Does Not Want to be Kenneled. What Word He Uses? Wow, I Can’t Believe He Says This!

Husky doesn't want his dad to leave

Some dogs don't seem to mind it when they have to go into the kennel while others totally hate it! It can even be a little heartbreaking to do when they give you they little puppy dog eyes! LOL!

However, sometimes there is just no going around it, and dogs need to be kenneled. Whether it's to keep them safe when you're running an errand or because they need some time to rest, not all dogs look forward to that time in their kennel.

In fact, when this beautiful Husky finds out he has to be kenneled, he lets his owner know that he is not interested!

When you hear what he has to say, you'll totally crack up! This pooch is absolutely hysterical! LOL! Will he get his way at the end? You need to watch this!

Watch and see how this Husky lets his owner know he doesn't want to be kenneled on the video on the next page.

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