(VIDEO) These Hilarious Pug Vines Will Make You LOL All Day Long! Now Wait Until 3:20 – WOW!

attacking pug puppy

We all need a good laugh sometimes. After a long hard day, you'd really appreciate a good laugh provided by your favorite furry creature, right?

Well more often than not, watching Vine videos can really do the trick! You know how it is; laying on your bed while enjoying the latest Vine videos that make you laugh and cry. Don't believe me? We've got the most perfect selection of hilarious vine videos that will make you laugh out loud for days!

From silly faced Pugs to extra feisty ones, this Vine Pug compilation has got it all. Just wait until you see the Pug at the 2:03 mark! Make the best of the day and watch these hilariously cute Pugs get their silly on. LOL!

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