(Video) Ecstatic Puppy Has Super Short Attention Span and it’s a Riot

puppy play

Our adult dog has two favorite toys, “chickie” and “purple tire” that he drags all over the house.

They are never long out of his sight. We mention this because his attention span, for being an older dog, is pretty consistent for a Chihuahua. He knows what he likes and does not like to shake it up too much.

Now, way back when he was a puppy that was not always true. Like all small dogs, he wanted to play with anything and everything. As does the pooch in the video on the next page!

He is a sweet Lab puppy and you can gauge his youthful recklessness and vigor against his older and much taller BFF.

There is a sort of interested patience in him and that, along with the enthusiastic puppy, is hilarious! Go take a look!

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