This Pug Just isn’t Sure What to do with His Kiwi Treat! LOL!

Mosie and Mille love the kiwi treat they received, but there's one problem. They're not sure what to do with it or how to eat it! They've never seen a treat so green before…

So in order to figure out what this green thing is before she eats it, Mosie decides to play with her kiwi. She tackles it on the bed, begins to chew it, and then decides to spit it out only to play with it again. This green thing is much to fun to eat quite yet!

Meanwhile, Millie waits on the corner of the bed while watching her sis play with the kiwi that's left. Should she join in or wait and see if there's any left?! But alas, Mosie decides to be greedy and finally devours the tasty treat.

After the break, watch these pups play with their kiwi treat in a hilarious fashion.

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