(VIDEO) When a Puppy Wants a Forever Home, You’ll Never Guess What She Does to Get People’s Attention!

The last time you went to the dog shelter, store or breeder what was the first thing that attracted you to your faithful pooch. Was it a look in her eyes, the way he was the first to the food dish, or maybe it was a hardy bark that caught your attention and made you say: “That’s the one!”

Dogs are no different than human beings when it comes to wanting to be noticed. This is particularly true when they want to be adopted into a forever home! Some will give you just that little extra is they know the stakes are high …

And this leads us to a simply hilariously funny but also very sweet video after the break. This is a pup, a tiny dancer if you will, that wants her day in the sun. And – by the way, she acts all the while saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Watch her try to get everyone's attention after the break!


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