(VIDEO) Frenchie Sees Yummy Spaghetti on the Table. Now Watch to See How He Gets a Bite…

Frenchie eating spaghetti

A doggy will always find a way to get their paws on some yummy human food. They're determined to get a taste of it no matter what! LOL!

I'm sure you've seen who sneaky your pooch can get when he sees you chowing down on some dinner. Well, this hungry Frenchie just spotted some delicious spaghetti on the table, and he just HAS to have a bite!

This mission is not impossible for this pup. You won't believe how stealthy he becomes when he tries to steal a noodle. Will he get away with it?! Only one way to find out!

What what this sneaky Frenchie does to get some spaghetti from the dinner table on the next page!

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