(Video) Get in the Holiday Spirit by Watching Doug the Pug’s Holiday Yule Log!

xmas doug the pug

Soft lights, a log burning in the hearth, festive music, and the cutest little pug alive make for a terrific holiday video! Can we really ask for more?

Doug the Pug gives us a holiday time treat with his unique brand of ease, adorableness, and – yes – a head tilt that is all about the cute.

Does he realize just how sweet and festive he is? Some would say “No, he’s just a dog. How can he understand?” But we think this dark-sweatered little honey knows exactly how precious he is!

After the break, head over to the next page and watch Doug the Pug in all his lovability. We dare you to look in those big brown eyes, caught by the firelight, and not melt!

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