Easily Potty Train Your Pooch by Following These Easy Steps

Golden Retriever dog

If you just got a puppy then congratulations! You have a lot of fun in store. But now comes the hard work — potty training your puppy! Keep in mind depending on the breed that each dog will take a different length of time to potty train. But no matter the breed, the same rules should apply.

At night kennel your pooch to prevent any accidents from happening. A puppy that sleeps in his kennel doesn't like to eliminate where he sleeps, which will help train him to hold it until you let him out every 3-4 hours.

During the day, you should keep your puppy in one area. Also, decide where you want him to go potty. Are you going to train him to go on puppy pads or fake grass? Make a decision right way and stick with it. If you switch up your training mid-way all you will is confuse the poor pup.

Last but not least, be consistent and don't lecture him when he makes a mistake. DO however reward him for when he goes on his designated potty area. In time, he will be potty trained!

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