(Video) Great Dane is Very Confused by the Noises He Hears. His Look in Response? My Goodness This is Funny!

great dane

When dogs hear strange noises, their reactions are priceless! The look of confusion and excitement they have is just too good! LOL!

It can even be tempting to purposely show them some strange noises just to see their adorable reactions, right?! This doggy mom sure thought so! When she plays some strange sounds from her tablet to her Great Dane, confusion sets in for this pooch!

You need to see his complete reaction. This is one confused and baffled pup! We seriously can't get enough of this funny dog.

You need to see exactly what he does when his mom plays him some strangely familiar sounds!

Check out how this Great Dane reacts to some strange noises on the video on the next page! This is too funny!

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