(Video) Great Dane’s Reaction to Mom Showing Attention to a Puppy is the Epitome of Doggy Jealously

dog jealousy


Anyone who has ever had a brother or sister understands that fleeting feeling of jealousy. Is she treated better because she is the baby? Does she get her own room just because she is older? Why does HE get the biggest piece of cake? Does Mommy/Daddy love him more?! These can be fleeting moments but still significant.

If ever we wanted a good demonstration of that sibling rivalry it is with the video on the next page.

When you have a house full of dogs and at least one has been the Alpha for a lot of years, the pooch is naturally going to take issue with a new interloper, no matter how tiny and cute, taking away the parental unit’s attention!

Go see how a rather massive Great Dane shows his confusion and, yes, jealousy when he sees Mom holding a little puppy in her arms.

She tries to introduce the fur-baby to the other dogs but at least one not only thinks it is time to put the little one down but probably also thinks Mom should hold him the same way! Sorry but that isn’t happening, big boy! LOL!

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