(Video) Hilarious Dogs Who Say to Their Owner: “Sorry, I’m Not Sorry.” LOL!


When confronted by their owners when doing something bad, these dogs just aren't all that sorry and it's hilarious!

All pet owners know that when you leave your dog alone for any length of time, they will probably get into something. They may chew up your shoes, get into food in the kitchen, tear up the furniture or even have accidents in the house. However, when we go to scold them they just look so cute, we can't help but laugh.

These dogs got into some many things and are so guilty but they just act like they didn't do anything at all. We are still laughing about the expressions on their faces.

The video on the next page will definitely remind you of your own dog and even if you try hard not to laugh, it will be impossible. They just aren't sorry.

To see how these dogs react when their owners find them guilty of something, please head on over to the next page and check out the video. 

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