(Video) A Dad Gets Surprised With a New Puppy for Christmas. How Quickly They Take to One Another? Beyond Precious!


As kids, many of us looked forward to Christmas morning, wondering what Santa left for us underneath the Christmas tree. Sadly, we all get older, and along with that we stop believing in Santa Claus and those amazing Christmas morning surprises.

However, this video proves that you're never too old to be surprised on Christmas morning! This family decided to surprise their father by getting him a new puppy for Christmas. How they give it to him is amazing!

In the video, we see the unsuspecting dad come into the family room to open one last gift, a present that the family says was just too big to be left under the Christmas tree.

The dad has no clue that inside that brightly wrapped box is a warm, snuggly puppy! In fact, we can't believe how still and quiet the dog is while it's in that box. What a dog!

To see what happened when the puppy and the dad met each other for the first time, please continue to the next page to watch the whole video and see their amazing reaction to one another.

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