(Video) It’s Hard to Believe, But This Pug Poops After His Owner Scares Him With a Teddy Bear…

pug and bear

What can we say — poop happens! Or so the saying goes.

Sometimes it's difficult for a doggie to hold his bladder when exciting things happen and what that happens, there is a big mess to clean up! But who's fault is that usually? 😉

That's exactly what happens to one Pug on the video on the next page. However, this Pug had a good reason for it!

The story goes like this: His owner decided to play a prank on him and scare him with a giant teddy bear. This Pug was shocked, to say the least! It most likely was the scariest thing he's ever encountered! This poor Pug was not used to seeing such a big furry creature in his territory, that's for certain.

Check out the video after the break because you don't want to miss this funny pooch and his poo-poo moment. You won't be able to stop laughing. Plus, it'll hopefully help you think twice before consider scaring your poor Pug.

On the next page check out how this Pug poops after he gets frightened by a large teddy bear. This is a video you have to see! 

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