(Video) Listen to a Frenchie and Dad Sing Rhianna’s “Diamonds” – And Sound So Much Better!

dog and dad singing

You know you are doing pretty well when singing Rhianna’s “Diamonds” and get notes that your singing is even better than the original singer!

But then, when you have a backup vocalist like this talented and tuneful French Bulldog, how can you go wrong?

The video on the next page is not just another in the car and lip-sinking to a song venture. These two are really singing and have sincere attitude and chemistry!

As good as these two are together we have questions. Where did they get their start? Was the Frenchie taught to sing or was it something he picked up naturally?

Do they only sing in the car or is this something they do together whenever or wherever music is being played?

We suppose it doesn’t matter in the long run. The point is they are really good together, and we encourage you, after the break, to go over and listen to this tuneful twosome!

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