(VIDEO) A HUGE Dog and Pug Aren’t too Sure if They Wanna be Friends. Now Watch the Larger Dog… LOL!

Big and Little Dogs

As it is with all children, we have to take care that the big brother or sister does not get too rough with the smaller child. Our kids pretty much know what is right and wrong, even if at times they do not act accordingly!

However, unless a dog is truly vicious or wild, they seem to know instinctively that tender loving care is needed. Still, when that little guy wants to play – and play rough (or is that ruff?) – what is the bigger dog to do?

Meet this adorable Pug and lovely Great Pyrenees! They truly do seem mismatched, but both can hold their own against any kind of turbulent play! Do you think the smaller pug will be at a disadvantage?

Check out how he goes on the attack and the friendly Great Pyrenees pulls a paw so that things do not get out of hand!

Which cute dog will win? Go over and take a look!

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