(Video) Stray Dog in Thailand Thanks the Woman Who Feeds Him by Bringing Her Gifts

gift for food stray

If you decide to feed stray dogs there is always a great feeling of satisfaction, knowing you have made some hungry doggie happy, allowing him to live his life another day.

Yet, can you ever really know that a pooch is truly happy with what you are doing for them? Do they understand that it is an act of love?

Sometimes you can read it on their faces or when seeing an excited wagging tail, as they take a treat from your hands.

Yet, there is one pooch, Tua Plu, a stray pooch who knows a thing or two about good manners. The mix breed pup always brings a little gift to the woman who feeds him. Thailand’s Orawan Kaewla-iat is a lady who happily gives food to homeless dogs but Tua Plu is special.

She says he shows up with an object in his mouth, usually a leaf and sometimes a piece of paper as a “thank you”, and it is completely charming! Go see the video on the next page!

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