Beagle Puppy Learns How to Howl and It’s Too Cute For Words

howling beagle puppy

There's nothing cuter than a puppy learning how to do things for the first time. For instance, an adorable beagle puppy is learning how to howl in today's video, and it's the sweetest thing. His howl is so cute and high-pitched! LOL!

When his mom asks him to howl, he is quick to respond. He looks so proud as he howls too! Soon his human brother pipes in as well and you get a howling duo. Although, I think the puppy is winning.

As the puppy continues to howl his brother continues to howl right along with him. Both are proud of their new found song and are happy to entertain one another. I think this could seriously go on all day long!

LOL, you have to watch this beagle puppy howl on the next page. It's so much fun to watch him in action!

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