(VIDEO) This Pug Puppy Meets a New Friend. When She Doesn’t Want to Play? So Cute!

Pug seeing herself in the mirror

For a puppy, making friends comes quite easily to them. It isn't hard when they've got the most adorable faces and fluffy tails! Everybody wants to be around a puppy and snuggle up with them. They're absolutely impossible to resist!

However, having a puppy decide whether he'll be your friend or not is a whole other deal! LOL! This Pug puppy, for example, is extremely picky. You won't believe what she does when she meets a new friend! With this new friend, she decides that she doesn't want to play with them. But why?

Try and figure out why this Pug doesn't want this other dog as her play buddy, it's hilarious! Make your day complete and see why this opinionated pup doesn't want anything to do with her new friend!

Watch how this adorable Pug puppy reacts when she meets a new friend (or shall we say frenemy?!) on the next page!

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