(Video) What Does My Pug Really See While He’s Romping Around? Watch This and Find Out!

pug romp

Ever wonder what things are like from your pooch's perspective? It's a bit of a mystery, right?

Do they see the same things that we do? Do they think that they're as adorable as we think they are? LOL!

In this adorable video, you'll get to see both sides of the equation! That's right! See what a Pug sees while he's playfully running around with his doggy mate.

What's even better than that?! You'll get to see it all in slow motion! LOL! Fun action in slow motion? That's definitely a perfect combination! LOL!

Don't go another day without seeing these pups in action.

Watch these Pug puppies have some fun in their perspective in slow motion on one fun video on the next page!

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