(VIDEO) Pug is Laying Next to His Owner. When He Decides to be Affectionate? You’ve Never Seen a Pug THIS Loving Before! LOL!

pug love

We are all pretty familiar with affectionate pooches. They love a good cuddle session or a good belly rub. However, there are some pooches that love being affectionate more than others. That's right!

We have one Pug that is loving beyond compare! LOL! I'm serious! We can prove it with this adorable video, and when you see what he does, you are going to melt! It's THAT precious!

This gentle Pug shows his owner that he is ready for affection in the cutest way imaginable! Just wait until you see his owner sit on the couch, and the loving unleashes! LOL! You need to see what he does! We're all still melting! This Pug is such a cutie!

Watch what happens when a Pug's owner decides to sit next to his pooch on the couch after the break!

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