(Video) Pug Pooch is Snoring Away. When the Owner Does THIS? I’m Cracking Up!

pug sleep

SSHH! When a doggy is sleeping, you have to make sure you don't make any extra noise! LOL! Why? Well, you can't disturb their beauty sleep of course!

We all know that doggies love to sleep. In fact, they need at least 12 hours of sleep every day! That's a lot of snooze time.

Well, in this hilarious video, one doggy is sound asleep. However, her owner has something else in mind for this snoozing pooch!

When you see what she does to get her Pug to wake up, you'll be crying with laughter! LOL! What's even funnier is how this doggy can stay asleep despite what her owner does!

Watch this snoozing Pug get a unique wake up call from her owner on the video on the next page.

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