(VIDEO) Watch a Pug Go Ballistic – He Thinks He Has First Weigh In Dibs Over a Scale! LOL!

Pug fights over a scale

You have to claim first dibs on things when you're around pugs! It's true, or else they'll go ballistic like this funny Pug does about a scale.

Yes, you read that right. The scale! LOL!

It's weigh-in time, and this fit Pug wants to know how much muscle weight he's gained. However, it looks like he might have to wait his turn because he goes ballistic when his owner reaches for it first!

This funny Pug insists on getting weighed first, but he's not very successful! You won't believe what hilarious action he does to keep his owner away from his scale! There's NO way this Pug is going down without a fight!

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