(VIDEO) Pug Puppy LOVES Playing with Her Toys. When She Wants to Hide One of Them? You Have to See This!

Pug puppy hides toys

Sometimes it's hard for some to grasp the concept of “sharing is caring.” it's not only just hard for young kids, but this little Pug puppy has a hard time understanding that too!

Her playtime session with her toys will melt your heart! She looks so adorable running around with all of her toys surrounding her; she's really enjoying every moment of it!

However, she's not ready to share her favorite squeaky toys just yet! You won't believe what this puppy does to make sure no one else gets to them! It's the cutest thing ever, and you won't be able to hold in your laughter! She is one smart puppy!

Find out what this Pug puppy does to hide her favorite toys from other dogs on the next page.

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