(VIDEO) Breeder Was Going To Throw Out a Mastiff Puppy With a Serious Condition. Then THIS Happens.

Willow the Mastiff

When we think of breeders and the beautiful purebred puppies, we never really think about the “defective” puppy of the litter. But it happens and, sadly, if the breeder feels the dog is not “perfect enough.” They may feel there is no point in offering up this defective dog for sale, even if the dog does have papers.

Willow was such a case. She is a gorgeous Neapolitan Mastiff, a purebred puppy that was born with a congenital condition that made her breeder feel as if she was destined for termination. But she was saved by 2nd Chances Rescue, who were convinced they could transform this “throw away” dog into something very special.

Willow was born with Swimmer's Syndrome. It’s a condition that prevented her from walking or standing like a normal dog. Her chest was flat, and her legs were splayed.

However, Jennifer Williams, President at 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, California decided to take a chance on this “defective” dog, giving Willow a second chance!

After the break, see a terrific video showing Willow’s progress and telling this precious pup's story!

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