(VIDEO) Pug Puppy Says ‘No, No, No’ to His Mom Touching His New Toy! Hilarious!

Pug Being Protective

When children get to a certain age, they start to become a bit independent. There are some acceptations; most young ones still want Mom and Dad’s love and attention, but those items or toys they consider their own private property have been branded!

They do not want anyone playing around with them unless given permission! It’s just the way of a young one.

The same can be said for pets. They love to play and want your attention and love –but if you try to take their stuff; especially if you do it in slow motion, they become pretty darn edgy!

The best example of this consequence is on the video on the next page where you'll get to watch the most adorable Pug puppy asserting his tiny dominance over a little stuffed pig and his human Mom.

She only wants to handle his toy but this possessive puppy will have none of it! Take a look!

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