(VIDEO) Pug Puppy’s Agenda Today Is ‘Do Everything Possible to Cuddle With Baby’

pug and baby cuddling

Get ready for a truly adorable moment! What's a puppy to do when he's got the whole day open? He's gonna squeeze in all the cuddle time he can with the baby of course! LOL!

This Pug puppy wants nothing but some quality time with baby! Who can resist a sweet baby right?! Watch how the puppy goes right into snuggle mode when he's united with the cooing toddler. So cute!

It makes you wish you could cancel all your plans and spend the day huddled up together with these two! AWW! What are you waiting for? Brighten up your day by watching this Pug and baby duo cuddle – it's the cutest thing EVER!

Watch how one Pug puppy spends his day cuddling with an incredibly cute baby on the next page!

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