This Hairy Doggy Series by Grace Chon Will Melt Your Heart

Grace Chon dog model

OK, get ready to brace yourselves for this one! We all love cute doggy photoshoots, but this one definitely takes the cake! LOL! You really need to see this.

Photographer Grace Chon takes her talents and uses them to showcase some amazingly cute and hair doggies. In her new series, she takes the most adorable doggy portraits of pooches that have been groomed in a unique style!

These ultra cute and hilarious doggy hairdos will melt your heart and get you giggling too! LOL! They're so sweet and will make your heart smile!

Trust us, Grace Chon's puppy portraits are a treat to look at! You really need to check these amazing works of art out!

Check out Grace Chon's latest “Hairy” doggy photo series and what inspired her on the next page!

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