(Video) Pug Says “No Way!” to Mom Who Tries to Touch His Toy By…

Pug not sharing toy

Kronc27 presents us with a serious dilemma. When is the best time to take a pet pug’s new toy away, even if it is just to store it away for the night? Probably when said pug lets you take it!

Over on the next page, we have a rather willful pug pup that makes it very clear that he is not ready to give his precious toy up to either Mommy or Daddy just yet.

While he is not at all vicious he does snivel, snort and bark his way into a definite “No!” answer when they ask to play with it.

Check out this little guy! Will he eventually give in to his pet parents or will he, along with the family cat, stay vigilant, not allowing another man or beast to take what is his!? Hint: Pugs are easily distracted! LOL!

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