(VIDEO) Pug Throws Temper Tantrum as She Experiences Her Terrible Two’s – LOL!

pug temper tantrum

If you’ve ever been with a two-year-old child when they have a melt-down in the middle of the grocery store, then you will empathize with the owners of this Pug pup on page two!

We are not altogether certain what has a Pug named Lola upset. Is she missing a bone? Did the other pup in the video do something she is not happy about? Does she hate her bed?

Or, is she just mad at life? After all, she IS a two-year-old and life – for a child and dog – is strife at that age. She wants what he wants and if the family does not understand what it is – well – they are wrong! LOL!

Whatever the case may be, the Pug does have something to say for those who are ready to listen. Check out her body language, how she scratches at the wall and the way she approaches the other pooch in a confrontational manner!

This Pug has an attitude and doesn't mind one bit, LOL! Watch her terrible-twos take over next!

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