(VIDEO) Puppy Abandoned at Just One-Day-Old Grows Up Before Your Very Eyes

orphan puppy


Joy looks like a herding dog of some kind. It’s hard to be certain what exactly his breed is because the lovable little puppy was found abandoned in Romania, on a sidewalk!

We will not go into why someone would do such a thing, especially if it were done on purpose, except to say it’s truly appalling!

Fortunately and very thankfully, Joy was picked up. A very kind family fostered this days old pup and watched as he grew strong and, if possible, even more adorable and completely content for four months.

But what was to become of little Joy? As happy as he was – would he be a foster-dog forever?

After the break, take a look at this simply charming video of a puppy given a second chance. Watch him grow, see him make friends, and watch this curious pup romp and live.

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