(VIDEO) This Pug is Asked to Howl. How He Finds His Inner Wolf? I Can’t Believe It!

pug getting ready to howl

Men, women and children all laugh or squeal over a dog’s howl!

There is something about a healthy, happy pug. His eyes shine, his coat is lovely to the touch, and he has the bark and howls to demonstrate his well-being.

It’s always that howl that goes to our hearts. There is something sweet and a little mysterious about it, whether he is trying to please his master’s urging or is provoked because he has heard the siren of the city fire truck rolling down the street. Or perhaps it’s just his inner wolf coming to the surface!

On the next page, we have a very hardy puggy pooch named Coco. He’s sturdy, knows his ground, and while he may not necessarily appear altogether into his howl initially – he certainly rises to the occasion!

Watch how this Pug manages to find his inner wolf on the next page!

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