(VIDEO) Sleeping Pug Runs in Her Dreams and How She Shows it is Pure Comedy!

Sleeping Pug

We see it often, our pup is lying down on the floor or the sofa, snoozing, and we see an odd twitch of the eye or lip; perhaps their legs start to move. It is amusing, and we can’t help a giggle.

It has been proven that dogs dream and the most entertaining are those dreams that have them running. Perhaps they are fancying that moment when running after a rabbit. OR dreaming of their wolf ancestors; maybe he is running with a pack!

The pampered Pug, Shumai, over on the video on the next page hardly looks like a wild dog, ready to attack and devour like a wolf, but that does not mean he is any less enthusiastic in his pursuit!

After the break, take a look at this puggy dreamer and the hilarious things he does while asleep!

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