(Video) Small Dog Gets Carried Away by a Coyote. Now Watch How a Neighbor’s Rottweiler Springs Into Action!


A neighbor dog decides to do something when a small dog gets carried away by a coyote and it is amazing!

Almost ever animal has a predator and for dogs one of those is coyotes. They can be vicious. When we saw a small dog getting carried away by a coyote, we were horrified. However, what neighbor dog does is unbelievable.

As you watch the video on the next page you'll be rooting for that dog the whole time. This video is so shocking that you might even want to watch it over again.

You will have no doubt in your mind that dogs are really there for each other. It might even make you even more proud that you are a dog owner.

To see how it all happened, please head on over to the next page and watch the incredible video.

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