[VIDEO] SO Cute – A Baby Goat Thinks a German Shepherd is Her Mom!

dog with baby goat

Watching another mother with their child is a beautiful site and brings about tears of joy. It's a miracle watching such a sweet relationship unfold. Both a mother and her child have an instant bond with one another that no one can ever replace!

It's the same way with dogs when they have puppies of their own. They look after their young and make sure they're safe from harm. Not all dogs get to stay with their puppies, but they play a huge part in how a puppy is raised. It really is an amazing process to watch!

Even if a baby is not your own, most dogs and mothers have a natural instinct to protect the young. A wonderful example of this is a German Shepherd named Shadow who takes care of a baby goat in today's video. It's not clear to us why the goat is spending time with Shadow, but all we know is that this sweet doggy has taken to the goat and the goat clearly loves Shadow. They both have developed a bond that's irreplaceable!

Watch how Shadow looks after her little goat charge after the break. It's very heartwarming!

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